Wedding Photography




Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you attend both Bride and Groom preparations?

This is dependant on your own locations and timings, we can discuss the options for this. If time is short or distances make it unreasonable it may be better to cover bridal prep and then spend some time at the venue with the groom/groomsmen before the ceremony.

Do I get every photograph that you take?

No. I select which photos I will edit and will only deliver edited photos. There are many reasons why you won't receive every photo I take, on group photos I will usually take multiple shots to try and ensure everyone has 'eye contact' with the camera. I may have a series of photos from a single event or angle and will select the best of these rather than swamp you with near identical pictures. There may be an issue with a shot if I'm not happy about exposure, sharpness, composition etc. I aim to give you the best wedding photos I can and if 'the moment' or meaning of a shot still shines through I will include it as these could still be special to you.

Will you photoshop our pictures?

There will be a level photoshopping in some of your images. This will be done at my discretion and will usually be to remove distractions or enhance the overall look of a picture. Unlike some would like to think it will very rarely be to change body shape, it would be unrealistic to expect that I would go through a full wedding day removing tattoos or dropping 2 dress sizes, if any changes ever do occur they will be minimal and only I will know what has been altered.

When will we receive our photos?

At most weddings I will be able to put some preview images together during your sit down meal that can be displayed on a TV/monitor for you and your guests to view. This is typically a few dozen photos which I will also add to my Facebook the following day so you can tag and share.

Delivery of final images depends on workload at the time but will usually be no longer than six weeks after your wedding day.