Wedding photographer based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

My photography journey started almost a decade ago, picking up a camera as new hobby and creative escape from my construction job. Starting to teach myself the technical aspects of camera settings and the aspects that can push images to another level. My photos were getting noticed and offers came in to use this newly learnt skill. Before I moved into wedding photography I was very aware of its importance and started assisting and second shooting with experienced wedding photographers, as well as taking courses and workshops to ensure that when the responsibility was on my shoulders I would be prepared. This enabled me to leave the construction industry and follow a much more rewarding and fulfilling career shooting some of the most important moments in people's lives at some of the most beautiful and interesting venues in the country. I now have the experience of shooting at hundreds of weddings helping me better understand the expectations of a wedding day, the experience of problem solving and practice at getting the most out of any situation we're presented with on the day. I have a calm and relaxed approach, which allows you to act naturally, relax and enjoy your day, with the knowledge your photos are in safe hands.