Andrew Kelly Photography | Legends Photography

The shots we're looking for on saturday. 

If I can assign Legend team pic/changing room to Alex and Heroes team pic changing/rooms to Kurt.

I'll grab some pics of kits hanging in empty changing rooms before I head to players pre game meeting.

12:00 Red Arrows flying over Doncaster, maybe not a great photo op but just FYI

12:00 Event officially starts would be good to have a pic of all the activities, people enjoying themselves.

12:15 Heroes Team coach due to arrive. Legends will arrive randomly usually in their own cars usually stopped to sign pics etc on the way in.

12:15 - 13:00 Legends signing items for sponsors/auctions in changing rooms. Heroes changing room (candid players with kits, pics of them taking selfies/having a laugh)

13:00 Players due on pitch for warm up, pics of players would be nice if sponsors were visible, both heroes & legends.

13:30 Back in changing rooms for final prep. Headshot of legends team in front of the white board near door

13:45 Players join mascots and enter athletics stadium (candid pics of parent/mascots together always nice)

Teams will line up, shake hands and pose for team shots

Each team with mascots and then without (turn away from crowd if too sunny) Legends team around 15 players/Heroes, 22.

Don't be afraid to boss them about to get the best pic you can!

A pic of match officials/captains

Match photos - Can't have too many and try to get a fair few of each player, even if off the ball, as the players love to have pics of the game, we also need the pics of the players and legends for our own social media, the press and to share with our sponsors. Individual portrait shots of players would be nice, action shots are great but players simply in possession would also be useful and even off the ball.

Heroes will change full team at half time so 45 mins to get these players.

Legends squad will be the Ex-pros, plus 3 fundraisers probably one fundraiser starting. Others featuring in the game at least 45 minutes, rolling substitutions will be used so time may be split. These 3 players will be pointed out to you just in case it's not obvious.

After the game I will head back to the players lounge to get photos off you both and let you get off.